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“Let’s Be About the Fathering Business”     Proven program to help fathers and mothers build stronger relationship with their children and community, Involvement, Consistency, Awareness and Nurturing. That is the fundamental Basis for the I.C.A.N. Program.Dare To Be A Father We are Fathering by FAITH. The mission of the ” Let’s Be About The Fathering Business” through the I CAN Program is to positively impact the quality of life for participants and their families through education, opportunity,mentoring and compassion. We know that by improving the live of men,we touch the lives of their families and most importantly, the lives of their children. By building healthy families, the foundation for peace is set in place.

I. C.A.N.: Promoting Peace at ALL Levels Beginning with Fathers.

The basic premise of the I CAN Program is that by strengthening fathers and instilling inner harmony and personal well-being in husbands and fathers, peaceful families can be created.

The effects are far reaching. Healthy “Fathers” build strong families resulting in cooperative communities, harmonious societies and a more peaceful world to live and grow in. We are Fathering By Faith, DARE to BE a Father.

          Practical Application of Principles of I CAN





     Let’s Be About The Fathering Business Through I CAN


Our purpose is to provide and model lessons that incorporate universal qualities of a good father that include the key units of INVOLVEMENT,CONSISTENCY ,AWARENESS, and NURTURING.

Fatherhood must be helped,healed and resurrected through universal principles in order to create peace and impact families,communities and societies world-wide.


1. Anonymous - May 14, 2012

Over 5000 fathers would testify that being about the Fathering Business I.C.A.N. Program has increase their love of family especially relationship with their children and better understanding and more respect of Mothers role-along with community responsiblity

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