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Great Commission Marketing Ministries

Let’s Be about The Fathering Business

As we enter into our 20th year of servicing the community, in a world that is wrought with pain, The Great Commission Marketing Ministries mission “All God’s Children Need S.H.O.E.S.” which stand for -Salvation, Hope, Opportunity, Education and Security, serves a diverse community.

The arm of The Great Commission Marketing Ministries; The People’s Unified Resource Center (PURC) is the faith based, nonprofit resource center established to revitalize what had been a vibrant and connected community by instilling  a sense of faith and community in our neighborhood, providing solutions to violence and treating all of mankind with compassion and love.

Under Pastor Stevenson’s leadership, which family being our focus and seeking to aid God’s people as advocates; has organized benefits, civic action committees, business assocations, community and cultural events, along with empowering more than one thousand men to assume their rightful place as fathers building stronger relationship in the lives of their children and community.

Matthew 7:7a (A.S.K. and it will be given to you;)


* Expansion of current services and outreach ministries as we continue to serve a diversified community

You are cordially invited to become a Mall Building Partner

Please make all tax deducatible pledges & donations payable to:

The Great Commission Marketing Ministries
1700 Tasker Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145


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